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As the technology evolved it became apparent that a huge knowledge base was accumulating in the growing thermography community. It also became clear that that good thermographers, thermographers who could perform meaningful, accurate thermography, needed a way to differentiate themselves from the rest. The Certified Infrared Thermographer’s Association (CITA) was created to enable our members to access this knowledge base, and to provide them with a stamp of recognition for their professional qualifications.

Our objective is to enhance our professional credibility through sharing, learning and continual advancement of our profession through the mutual exchange of information. Our unification symbolises the significant market presence that our graduates have both locally and overseas and serves to protect our standards of conduct, training and ethics in thermography.

Infraspection Institute is the oldest independent infrared training and certification firm in the world. Founded in 1980, Infraspection Institute has trained and certified nearly 10,000 thermographers worldwide. With over 30 years in business, Infraspection Institute literally pioneered the infrared training industry.
During their long history, they have shaped the infrared industry through training, technical consulting, technical publications, research, standards development, and software publishing.

CITA’s Mission
According to CITA President, Brenton Ward “CITA’s mission is to support practicing thermographers with educational, certification and support services. We provide timely, accurate and unbiased information about infrared hardware, applications and program development. We are deeply committed to the global advancement of thermography as a science and a profession”

Benefits of Membership 
CITA provides a number of benefits for it’s Members. The CITA online forum provides thermographers with a portal for accessing technical support, application support, thermographer registrar, opportunities for promotion and advertising, as well as keeping thermographers up to date with the latest industry information and trends.
CITA’s certification program provides thermographers with access to ISO certification and regularly scheduled training events provide additional pathways to access ongoing professional development.

Brenton adds that “the CITA certification logo is a highly recognisable promotional tool for thermographers and allows the market place to quickly identify the quality of your credentials.” Only qualified thermographers can utilise this credential, and your CITA membership card displays it clearly for others to see.

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