• Brenton Ward
    September 3, 2018 at 11:23 pm #398

    There are many terms used to describe Infrared Imaging Radiometers, but care should be taken to discern exactly what one is talking about.* There are indeed many different types of technology when it comes to infrared.* That which is most often confused with thermal cameras are night vision cameras which typically utilise image intensifiers or near infrared illumination.** Image intensifiers*amplify the available light to achieve better vision, and because of this some light is required.****With Near Infrared illumination, we use*a common CCD device*that is sensitive to invisible near infrared radiation*used in conjunction with an infrared illuminator.* These methods are often loosely referred to as infrared cameras (because of the use of a near infrared illuminator) but neither actually measure in thermal*part*of the spectrum.
    Then we get to the real “infrared” cameras, which should be more correctly termed by their capability.* Those systems which are capable of measuring temperature we refer to as radiometers.* It would be correct to refer to these as*an “Infrared Imaging Radiometer” or perhaps a “Thermal Imaging radiometer”.* We use the term “imaging” to differentiate from those which are single point devices (ie that give one temperature point) as oppossed to an image full of discrete measurements.* A thermal imager or infrared camera may be a thermal device, but one incapable of temperature (radiometric) measurement, such as a those used by the military or for surveillance applications.

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