• Brenton Ward
    June 5, 2018 at 2:21 am #173

    Site recognition is a very clever system similar to bar-coding, but instead utilising optically registered symbols/markers to identify components/equipment/objects etc.
    Firstly, one must program the database with all the objects to be measured.* The software, called IRSoft then transmits this information to the camera. IRSoft then creates individual markers for every measurement object. These markers can be printed on sticky labels and attached to the measurement objects. Now, recordings of the objects can be taken by using the SiteRecognition assistant. The recordings are then transmitted to the IRSoft via import assistant. IRSoft will then automatically recognize the recordings with the measurement information and automatically files them under the database of the particular measurement site.
    This is a great solution for regular route based monitoring and will greatly assist onsite personnel in completely regular predictive maintenance schedules.

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