• Brenton Ward
    June 7, 2018 at 12:26 am #317

    This is one of my favourite functions and anyone who needs to regularly image large structures will thoroughly get there money’s worth from this.* The number of applications this will assist with is limitless; buildings, roofs, boilers, furnaces, ovens, kilns, pipe work and ducting, autoclaves and pressure vessels…. the list goes on.* Now panoramic image capture is nothing new, but it has always been very clunky and awkward to use.* Countless hours could be spent trying to “stitch” images together or getting them to align properly.* It was tedious, time consuming and for the most part I avoided it wherever possible.* Well, I am happy to report that Testo have tackled this problem with a high degree of finesse and it works fabulously.
    The onscreen assistant makes light work out of stitching up to 3×3 single images together in one fully radiometric image. The panoramic image is then created automatically on your PC by the TESTO IRSoft Software.
    This is simple 3 image panorama I made in just seconds in the car park.* As you can see all 3 images are on a common scale (and can be adjusted as such in the software), plus it also makes a panorama with the visual.* With more patience and precision, you can align the images with even great finesse.

    This is a 3x panorama image creating a composite image of 2032×479 pixels (genuine measurement).

    Indoors it works a treat….

    Another image from near our offices:

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