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    September 3, 2018 at 11:21 pm #396


    FileName IR000055.JPG
    CreateTime 5/18/2010*** 1:05:51 PM
    Emissivity 1 Distance 3.0m
    Max Temp 94.2°C Min Temp 22.1°C
    Lens 35mm 21.5°FOV Filter None
    Background Temp 24.9°C
    Location: G2 Transformer Room
    Equipment: TransformerStructural steel rod (upright) supporting cable tray. Closest to west facing wall.

    Analyses Table:*

    Object Parameter Value
    R1:MaxTemp 94.2°C
    R1:MinTemp 22.0°C
    R1:Emissivity 1.00

    Fault Rating: 


    Thermal signature typical of induced current/induction heating. Heating is significant and can cause significant damage should it contact and consequently deteriorate nearby components.* Note:* Temperature is only an apparent value, emittance set to 1. A corrected emittance would only serve to increase the value of the observed temperature. In other words, it is likely to be much hotter!

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