What is the CITA Registrar?

The Registrar of CITA Certified Infrared Thermographers (CIT) allows you to verify the credentials of any participating CITA or affiliate member. Simply enter the name or certification number into the search fields to verify that your service provider is certified and meets the requirements for the job.

Why Perform a Credential Check?

Due to the rising number of unscrupulous operators making false or misleading claims about their qualifications or credentials we have established the CITA Registrar for Certified Infrared Thermographers. Frequently, infrared thermographers misquote there credentials or borrow those of another member in their organisation. Only individuals can be certified, not the company, so it’s important that the infrared technician performing the work has the appropriate qualifications.

Additionally, many infrared technicians do not possess the requisite qualifications for the work they are performing. See our table below to identify what each certification level qualifies a thermographer to do.

Want to Join?

Want to join our registrar? Complete your CERTIFICATION and MEMBERSHIP with CITA today and become a CITA Certified Infrared Thermographer.

Attention! Infraspection Institute Certified Infrared Thermographers. 

This is a free service for Infraspection Institute Graduates who have complied with SNT-TC-1A. CITA Certification completes the process required under ISO 18436 for Infraspection Graduates. For further information see CITA CERTIFICATION.

CITA CIT Qualification and Competency Overview

Level 1 Qualitative Analysis Only of Electrical, Mechanical, Materials, Building Envelopes, Roofs, Structural Energy loss. Evaluation of exceptions using temperature is NOT permitted.
Level 2 Quantitative Analysis of Electrical, Mechanical, Materials, Building Envelopes, Roofs, Structural Energy loss. Level 2’s have the ability to take accurate non contact temperatures, and can evaluate, trend and develop repair priorities based on temperature.
Level 3 A level 3 can perform all the duties of a level 1 and 2. Additionally they have the ability to develop and manage infrared inspection programs that meet industry best practice.

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